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Moana Bean Bag-AquaClean

Moana Bean Bag-AquaClean

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Moana Bean Bag is an ideal piece for settling in for a gaming session or lounging about while watching a movie, adding a bean bag chair like this is a great way to round out your space while adding a cosy touch. Rather than a traditional bean filling, the high-quality expanded polystyrene foam beads help distribute your body weight evenly and resist squishing over time. With Aquaclean technology fabric, it allows you to clean stains using water only. Having it in your bean bags would be a conversation starter.

L 130 x W 95 x H 77 cm 

AquaClean Technology Fabric Treatment 

Generously Filled with High Quality Styrofoam Beans
Comes with an Inner Lining that Holds the Beans
Lightweight, Easy to Store


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